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LinguaLinx is based in Troy, NY

LinguaLinx was born out of a love of world languages and cultures. This, combined with our devotion to serving our clients and being the best at what we do is what drives us to this day. We strive to exceed our clients' expectations. We are avid learners.

We're always looking for people who share these values to join our team. If you have a desire to challenge yourself, to be a part of a vibrant work community and grow your career, please show us what you've got!

Career Opportunities at LinguaLinx
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Our Hiring Process:
What to Expect


Working at LinguaLinx is about more than just having the right skills, attention to detail and the drive to grow. It's about being part of a team of people that can work togther seamlessly and collectively accomplish great things. Our hiring process reflects this approach.


If you meet the requirements of the job, we start with a phone interview with our HR department to discuss the position and your background to make sure this is a good fit.


First-round in-person interview:  You will meet with your hiring manager and learn more about LinguaLinx, the position and how your role fits into the ongoing success of the company and our clients.


Second-round in-person interview: You will meet with part of the team you will be working with to get to know your colleagues, learn your day-to-day activities and get a feel for the culture and style of your future co-workers. 


Third-round in-person interviews: You will meet with the LinguaLinx Management Team to discuss the vision of the company, what your role means to us and how you can grow within our ranks.


If the Management Team and your colleagues think you will be a good fit, you're hired! 

Some Benefits of Working at LinguaLinx


Company matches 100% up to 3% and 50% of 4% and 5%.

Generous PTO package

After 90 days, 3 weeks of PTO in your first year

Flexible Office Hours

  • Summer hours
  • Work-from-home snow days

Fun Stuff

  • Monthly company social events
  • Bagels for new hires!

Comprehensive Medical Package

  • MVP Health Insurance (National Plan) up to a 70% employer contribution
  • Guardian Dental & Vision
  • Life Insurance Company
  • New York State Paid Family Leave
  • Aflac

Meet Some of Our People

  • Lilly Kahrs

    Lilly Kahrs

    Senior Project Manager

    With a degree in Electronic Media Arts and Communication, Lilly’s experience in the health care and marking industries has helped her hone a sharp eye for detail and organization while maintaining a laser focus on executing the client’s vision at the highest quality possible. A nerd at heart, she enjoys knitting, cooking, spinning both yarn and cycling in her spare time.

  • Jonathan Smith

    Джонатан Смит

    Chief Operating Officer

    Jonathan Smith joined LinguaLinx in 2005. Over the last ten years he has overseen the installation and maintenance of our Information Technology infrastructure including server technology, desktop hardware and applications as well as telecommunications. He has taken an active role in managing the day-to-day operations at LinguaLinx since 2013. In January 2015, Jonathan was promoted to Chief Operating Officer with an eye on the growth and direction of the company. IT continues to be a passion of his, both inside and outside of work. Jonathan might have a “Man of Mystery” persona about the office, but he is definitely the most “fit” member of the management team! (Fitness is a big hobby and part of his life.)

  • Charlotte Knoll

    Шарлотта Кнолл

    Директор по административным вопросам

    As Director of Administration, Charlotte Knoll oversees the Human Resources and Accounting Departments at LinguaLinx. She also administers all of the human resource related functions. Her primary responsibilities include benefit administration, performance management, retention and compliance. She also focuses on recruitment, on-boarding and employee relations. Basically, this means she is key in recruiting the best people possible for the LinguaLinx team, all while always wearing great shoes! Prior to joining LinguaLinx, she worked as an HR specialist. Charlotte holds a BA in Political Science with a minor in Business Administration from the University at Albany. She is a self-proclaimed “Capital Region Lifer” who lives in Waterford, New York.

  •  Jim Maziejka

    Джим Мазиежка

    Директор по продажам

    Джим Мазиежка работает в компании LinguaLinx с июня 2012 г. Он руководит работой отдела продаж и маркетинга. Джим пришел в компанию LinguaLinx с более чем двадцатилетним опытом работы в сфере продаж, маркетинга и управления и прихватил свою огромную коллекцию мотивационных «афоризмов недели». Джим разработал агрессивную стратегию развития компании и собрал вокруг себя успешную и энергичную команду, благодаря усилиям которой компания LinguaLinx остается одним из успешных игроков на рынке переводческих услуг. Он получил степень бакалавра по организации производства и управлению в сфере здравоохранения в колледже Спрингфилд. Самоотверженность и преданность Джима компании LinguaLinx настолько велики, что он ежедневно приезжает на работу из дебрей Форт-Эдуарда, где он живет с женой Коллин и четырьмя детьми.

  • Rodd Pedrotti

    Project Manager

    A proven project manager, business communications specialist and published technical writer, Project Manager Rodd Pedrotti brings 15+ years' experience heading up mission-critical initiatives requiring a high degree of ownership, confidentiality, dexterity and multichannel communication. A Berkshire County native and Skidmore College alumnus (BA, Hons, English Literary Studies), Rodd now calls the greater Albany, N.Y. area his home. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking; traveling; live music; and playing his guitars.

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