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The key to any successful relationship is good communication! We’ve started off on the right foot with the Security Awareness Company. Read more about a recent project we’ve completed with a great client – someone like us who started as a family-run business, and has grown leaps and bounds to become a leader in their industry!

The Security Awareness Company, SAC for short, offers a full suite of content to help organizations of all sizes with their information security services awareness. Securing, protecting and maintaining your organization’s information technology systems as well as client and proprietary resources are of utmost importance. SAC provides high-quality solutions for their clients through eLearning modules and other end user training materials. Our relationship with SAC started when the President and Founder began researching translation vendors to work with, and reached out to our business development team.

«Мне сказали, что мы будем сотрудничать с этой компанией, и к моменту начала работы над проектом я отправил им весь тот хаос, в котором находились наши документы», – сказал Эшли, член команды SAC.

The client-vendor relationship began with great communication. This is one of the first things that stood out to Ashley at the start of the project.

The Scope

This project was SAC’s largest translation project to date, and their first with LinguaLinx. It was a 40 minute long eLearning module to be developed and translated into 13 languages. The end users were employees of a global technology company who needed to complete the training as part of their information security training program.

Prior to this project, SAC had only ever done one other translation project of a similar scope with 11 languages. They said the project was very complicated and stressful due to miscommunication with their client, this client’s chosen translation vendor and a lot of technical problems. The team at SAC learned a lot from this and tried to do more planning and prep work to make sure this project went more smoothly. Our team at LinguaLinx worked to make the process painless by allowing SAC to send documents formatted the way they needed, which helped them out a lot on their end.

Overall, we were nervous about delivering a module in 13 languages to a client as big as the one we were dealing with, not only because our software was still relatively new to our production team but also because that’s a big project regardless and so many little things could go wrong. And if there were any issues with the translation, how would we know? But after delivery, we have only heard good things about the quality of the translations!
Ashley, The Security Awareness Company

The Process

Ashley said it best: “The first project always presents a learning curve, and from there we hone our technique and figure out what needs to be done the next time around.”

SAC recently implemented new eLearning development software and were still learning the best techniques for creating translated versions of the modules including the best way to streamline the importing of translated content. This included the script for the course content, quiz content, quiz results and buttons on the module’s player.

In the first set of documents sent in for translation, an important component was left out – the Quiz Results wording and buttons on the module’s player. Once this was discovered, the team at LinguaLinx worked to get the missing content translated as soon as possible. When challenges arise, it is very important to be responsive and work with the client to stay on schedule.

The first project was a learning experience for both the LinguaLinx team and the team at the Security Awareness Company. SAC learned some awesome things about their development software and worked with LinguaLinx to put together a new process for creating the documents that they send in for translation.

LinguaLinx Staff
Tell Their Own Stories
LinguaLinx Nicole Savage

Nicole Savage

Business Development Specialist

Any time you start a new relationship with a client, it is very important to build trust and confidence. The people at the Security Awareness Company are very friendly and creative; I like that a lot! I wanted to make the transition go very smoothly and keep an open dialogue between the President, Ashley (my main contact), and myself.

Работа над этим проектом прошла отлично! Большинство файлов, над которыми мы работали, были оформлены в виде таблиц Excel, с которыми мы легко справляемся. У Шона, главного руководителя команды проекта, большой опыт работы с такими файлами! Клиент не стремится контролировать каждый наш шаг. Клиент хочет видеть нашу слаженную работу – они отправляют файлы команде LinguaLinx, а потом, как по волшебству, файлы возвращаются к ним уже переведенными! Моя работа заключается в том, чтобы организовать этот процесс. В случае возникновения сомнений или затруднений в процессе работы я, конечно, могу в любой момент связаться с клиентом и задать все необходимые вопросы.

Мне кажется, что к моменту завершения проекта наши отношения с клиентом стали гораздо крепче! Компания SAC заинтересовалась полным спектром наших многоязычных решений, от записи закадрового текста до локализации видео. Я уверена, что мы также увеличим количество языковых пар!

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