Accurate communication in healthcare can mean the difference between life and death.

Whether it’s translating patient information, medical documents, medical device manuals, face-to-face interpretation or treatment and prescription information, our network of professional medical translators have the experience working with healthcare terms and materials of all kinds to ensure that your multilingual needs are met in a timely, efficient and accurate manner.
Translation for the healthcare industry

Our healthcare translation services help medical professionals communicate with LEP patients.

Your Medical Translation Needs:

  • Patient Information
  • Назначения и инструкции по приему медицинских препаратов
  • Закон о преемственности и подотчетности медицинского страхования, соответствие нормам раздела IV
  • Права и информация для пациента
  • Информация о страховых выплатах и застрахованных лицах

Our Translation Solutions:

  • Расшифровка записей
  • Локализация веб-сайтов
  • Подготовка многоязычных публикаций с помощью настольных издательских средств (DTP)
  • Устный перевод
  • Устный перевод телефонных разговоров по требованию (OPI)
  • Перевод языка жестов

LinguaLinx is the right choice for medical professionals, hospitals, HMOs and government organizations. There is a growing need throughout the healthcare industry to make content accessible in a variety of languages. In this highly regulated industry where privacy and compliance are paramount, rely on LinguaLinx for results you can trust.

The Keys to Being Successful with Healthcare Translation


Understanding the healthcare industry including the laws, rules and regulations


Possessing knowledge of the multilingual landscape in the United States


Working with qualified, professional linguists and interpreters with subject matter expertise


Providing services including, but not limited to, document translation, multilingual desktop publishing (DTP), interpretation (consecutive, simultaneous, VRI, and OPI), transcription, audio and video localization, website localization and software localization


Having healthy relationships (pun intended) with clients in which expectations and deadlines are discussed, planning is done, communication is great and goals and expectations are met and exceeded


Use of translation memory tools that will help with cost savings, time efficiency and most importantly, consistency of key terms and phrases


Experience translating mandated languages
Устный и письменный перевод в области здравоохранения – одно из основных направлений нашей деятельности. Вы можете быть уверены, что перевод будет выполнен своевременно и без ошибок, чтобы медицинские работники могли помочь своим пациентам.

Any questions on how we can help you with your healthcare translations or interpretation services? Contact LinguaLinx today.

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