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Japanese Translation

LinguaLinx provides professional Japanese translation services. Japan is a global economic leader with 125 million native Japanese speakers worldwide. This powerful market makes Japanese language translations a growing business need for digital and printed content.

A Few Facts about the Japanese Language:

  • Japanese society is homogenous – both linguistically and culturally – but nearly 98 percent of the population is ethnic Japanese.
  • Japanese is a top ten language for world Internet usage. These ten languages make up 80 percent of world users. The Japanese language borrows influences from other cultures including Chinese and English.
  • English loanwords in particular have become common in the Japanese language. There is popular usage particularly as it relates to multinational brands and pop culture references. These words are a representation of the influence of Western Culture on Japanese society. 
  • There is extensive use of Chinese characters in the Japanese writing system along with extensive vocabulary that is borrowed from the Chinese.

The Advantages of LinguaLinx Translation Services

  • The geography of the nation has been a contributing factor to creating dozens of regionally influenced dialects, which means that translating the exact choice of dialects in spoken and multimedia communications requires an expert understanding of these differences. 
  • The Japanese language uses both humble and honorific forms based on social status in order to express politeness and formality. To ensure the proper Japanese translations with documents, copywriting or even audio/video materials, it is useful to enlist a professional Japanese translator. 
  • Japan’s economy is one of the largest in the world. They are leaders in automobile manufacturing, electronics and innovations. We work in these industries and are adept at translating all forms of content ranging from technical manuals to patents and marketing materials.
  • Japanese emigrant communities range between 1.4 million and 1.5 million individuals. Approximately 12% of Hawaii residents speak Japanese. Japanese emigrants can also be found around the world in Hawaii, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Canada, Australia, The Philippines and The United States. Our Japanese translation professionals can help you engage these individuals where they live, in their native language.
  • For more insight read our guide to doing business in Japan. 

With a strong understanding of how to target and refine Japanese translations, LinguaLinx is a smart choice for Japanese to English or English to Japanese translations of all kinds.